Lego sets amazon

A comprehensive kit with fun elements that mix and match with other duplo sets. See All Buying Options. Cute and a bit different from normal duplo sets. My 2 year old boy loves them.

Typical great quality lego brand product. Nephew is 1 so play is supervised still. A lovely storage box of Duplo bricks. I've bought this to supplement the various sets I've bought for my grandson which don't have enough bricks for him to do more imaginative building.

I'm very pleased with this set which I have not been able to find in local toy departments. Begum UK. Good quality legos. Brought this to top up the legos they already have and its a perfect distraction for them. The kids can play with them for a couple of hours without getting bored. Would recommend this to anyone. Nice set of duplo, got it at a great price. My 16 month son was sooo in love with his little yellow lego car I bought this set of lego cars to start building his lego collection.

His little lady friend loves playing with them too Highly recommend this. Harding Hampshire UK. Great starter system. Storage box is great too. I have used this is a base set and am adding items little at a time. Little one loves Duplo, especially the doors and windows and animals. Both my daughters love duplo. They are 2 and 4 and love building and playing with all their sets. A gift for fire engine mad grandson for his 2 nd birthday I am sure he will enjoy it. Duplo is always a good quality product.

This set is great for my 2yr old Grandson. Good value as duplo sets go, you get three people and the teddy is a hit with my toddler. Lots of little accessories that go well with other duplo, for example the cup and the kettle, and the chairs.

lego sets amazon

A really nice set. It's big and full of different combination. My boys just love it and enjoying spending hours building different tracks and watching the trains go around. Great set and very sturdy. Has withstood my 18month old twins decapitation attempts. Hopefully they add more sets in the future, great for imaginary play. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Learn more about Amazon Prime.Skip to main content. More options available. Manufacturer recommended age: 8 Months - 70 Years.

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FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Manufacturer recommended age: 9 Months - 70 Years. See newer version. Manufacturer recommended age: 7 Months - 14 Years. Manufacturer recommended age: 9 Months - 14 Years. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

Manufacturer recommended age: 8 Months - 14 Years. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Manufacturer recommended age: 4 Months - 7 Years.

Manufacturer recommended age: 6 Months - 14 Years. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Next Page. Show results for Gender Boys. Birth to 24 Months. Lego Ninja Lego City. FREE Shipping. Brick Collectors. Include Out of Stock. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. Back to top. Get to Know Us.See All Buying Options. Bought this for my Grand daughter's eighth birthday. She is a real lego fan and spent the next day building it.

Bought for 7 year old granddaughter's birthday and she loves playing with it. Grandad helped put it together and said bit fiddly and the design of it caused main part to come away from stand when moved, hence the 4 stars.

Overall there is so much going on in the set plus the 2 figures, that there is lots of play and imagination.

Quite a big set and really cute design. Hours of fun for my daughter and son who helped build it. It's lego what's not to love? My daughter loved building this but as with many "Friends" kits there isn't really much lego to build just lots of little bits to make up the numbers.

My daughter really loved this set. There are so many small details that it really makes this box of Lego fun! She's five so she needed help building it and sticking on the stickers, but once it was done she was in love.

It's very girly and just a perfect present. Would definitely recommend. So good! My ten-year-old daughter was able to build this on her own and hasn't stopped playing with it. There is loads to it to keep her fascinated for hours. The ski lift is fully functioning and great fun.

This set went down a storm at Christmas, daughter loves it, took her a while to build but that's half the fun, and she loves the tent. Great price as well. However, it was all there and in perfect condition! Downfall: kids loose focus and spend hours crouched on the floor trying to build it. Hunter Fife, Scotland.

lego sets amazon

Lovely addition to our daughters Lego Friends collection.The Clone Troopers look amazing and the long-needed updated Ki Adi Mundi also looks great alongside my other Jedi figures. See All Buying Options. The item's been VERY satisfying, the cost lower than I expected and the shipping time's been perfectly respected. Good, very good service! I bought this for my grandson in Sweden. Lego kicks off Star Wars' 30th Anniversary year with a great set of kits including this troop builder Battle Pack.

Speeder, a Battle Pod and 4 Clone Troopers. The best thing about this kit is not the vehicles, it's the figures. After making Star Wars kits for 7 years Lego have finally started making blaster rifles for their figures so the th Star Corps Trooper and the 2 Clone Troopers come equipped with standard blasters, while the Shock Trooper comes equipped with a heavy assault rifle. There's also a pair of electrobinoculars as well.

LEGO Star Wars Sets

This kit takes almost no time to build - 4 minutes - but it is going to be very popular as people will be buying lots of them to build those Clone Armies. A great kit Lego kick off their releases with a series of kits from The Clone Wars which includes for the first time, Count Dooku's Solar Sailer. Despite the fact that the model is half scale it is actually a good representation of Dooku's Punworcca class Interstellar Sloop.

Built using a similar design to 's Geonosian Fighter, this kit has a linear construction as opposed to the traditional vertical build. The aft section opens on each side and there is room for Count Dooku's Flitknot Speeder bike inside the aft bay. The front cockpit bubble hinges open and there is a small removable control column in which the FA-4 Pilot Droid can stand.

Duplo LEGO Sets

Landing legs on both sides hinge out about 30 degrees and lower down into position. The upper and lower hull points can also lift up and hinge out to 80 degrees. Unfortunately, the cannot open out like the version Lego kick off their releases with a series of kits from The Clone Wars which includes this fantastic Republic Assault Shuttle.

The forerunner to the imperial shuttles we see later in the saga, the Republic Assault Shuttle is actually a good representation of its on-screen counterpart.

The ship features a double opening cockpit, the aft upper hull opens back to allow access, weapons rack inside, positionable wings, bomb hatches with 4 bombs and a rapid fire missile launcher in the top. A lot of thought has gone into the weapons features. There are two bomb bays, one on each side, which hold two long missiles each. With a turn of a lever on the aft hull the hatch opens and the bomb falls out. You then close which rolls the next in and you can drop a second bomb.

Reloading can be done through the upper side hull.Have been looked at this model for a while but thinking it's too expensive. Great that it was on sale for black Friday. Still a bit pricey but at least got some discount. See All Buying Options. Great set for any star wars fan. Instant hit with my 8 year old son.

Good size for the price. Fantastic product, and great value for money. Would buy again! Absolutely amazing.

Incredible set. As someone who has basically never built Lego before it took me about hours. So much quality and surprisingly sturdy. Garrett UK. Lego never fail to please. My son loved this and a good price too.

lego sets amazon

Grandson loved it had it instead of Easter Egg. The tank is disproportionately small and is dwarfed by the old version of the set, however, it comes with a couple of good minifigures, is a sturdy and strong model, and it still looks cool despite being small.

Took about 30mins to set up. You can reenact that great scene without adding the terrible Nooooooooo!. A must for Star Wars Lego fans. Fantastic Build, it took me a little over 3 hours and was fun the whole way through, There are a few stickers to put on but they are easy enough to get right.

Friends LEGO Set

It has got me super excited for the new movie and I am seriously considering buying the Tie Fighter right now I do think its mostly because i'm playing with it too much. The large grey stickers on the nacels are really difficult to get correct.

If the lego piece was the same colour grey it would help to hide any mistakes.

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Build experience: Put together by a 17 year old so out of the age-range of this product but the building process was both enjoyable and easy, the instructions are great as always with LEGO. The bags containing the parts are conveniently numbered and no complex building techniques are used. Several pieces that aren't visible in the final product are helpfully coloured to be easily identifiable.

Play: Once completed the set is very robust; the main body is very solid for holding and 'flying' about though I doubt it would survive being dropped with all the pieces attached. The iconic wings will move apart and together again with the operation of a simple mechanism and all 6 missile launchers are easy to access and use though the pieces they shoot are hard to find after My son's favorite lego set in the world.

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LEGO Clone Wars Sets

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Back to top.Nice set, everything you would expect from lego Disappointing effort from the lego design team. See All Buying Options. This lego set was really fun to construct. The build-time was very long, but building is always half the fun. I bought this set as more of a decorative set than one meant for play.

The construction of the roof could have been slightly better, but if you don't tamper with it, the roof will not be an issue. If you love Lego and the Volkswagen Van, this is the perfect set for you. As all know Lego can be a bit expensive. My boy has recently gone through liking all things space related and when saw this on offer decided to get for his birthday.

Is one of the better sets of Lego as you are able to take apart and build something else with. He managed well and in no time at all was rotating which set he wanted. Love lego and this did not disappoint. Perfect present for a clever girl, and do register it online, as you get more information about what else to build with other 3 in 1 sets.

Another clever 3 in1 design by LEGO, son loves it.

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Whenever I move it the window wall falls out?!? Box a little damaged on arrival but lego was all there so was happy. Great addition to my Speed Champions collection. In terms of looks it is one of my favorites in the series. My seven year old loved making this!

She made it in an afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it! I highly recommended, it was great value for the price we paid! It's lego.

Great quality, easy to follow instructions and an easy build. An excellent model and great fun, a little frustrating at times but that adds to the fun of the building experience. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a challenge and to spend hours in their own world concentrating on nothing but building this unique and very presentable model.

Well designed and of very good quality. Please can we have more like this. Bragg Abingdon. Great set that kept our 7 year old happily busy for a number of hours. As usual, it has clear instructions and even more fun with 3 different structures to build! My granddaughter lives lego and she was very pleased to have it Delivered to Sweden. This is a great product with 6 separate builds, we look forwards to getting more track.

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My 6 year old took a full day to put it all together, and unlike most other Lego products which he loves this one has some longevity after the build.

The only complaint is that the when hooked the carriages are too close together so when they go round the bend they end up touching corners and de-reailing. We fixed this with some short 'Magz' magnets just to give a little extra space.