Private label jewelry manufacturers

We design, develop, package and assist on your bulk jewelry orders. Our goal is to deliver custom private label jewelry beyond your expectations. With honest pricing and market trendsetting design expertise, we are superior to the competition. When it comes to developing an idea we make it seamless with guidance from our team of experts. Our factory in China is a leading wholesale jewelry and accessories private label manufacturer and we have no limits when it comes to a full service transparent partnership.

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Some of the biggest name brands in the industry with brand recognition, actually use private label lines to control their wholesale bulk jewelry production. So what is private label? It is when a manufacturer produces a product which is then sold by a retail company with their own branding. You can find private-label jewelry and accessories all over. Whether it's wholesale, in e-commerce, or one of your favorite high-end retail department stores.

The understanding of being private is the confidentiality the silent manufacturer insures to the re-selling company. This makes the design and jewelry line licensed and owned by the seller without taking part in the custom design development process.

Being ahead of the competition and creating popular fashion jewellery is essential to the longevity of a brand. Our China wholesale custom private label orders have tripled every year due to our continuous client retention partnership.

The reason for this is because of the success our colleagues have had with their custom jewellery lines throughout the duration of partnering with us. Our motto is to "meet and exceed your expectations" also, to build a structure for endless success in the same fashion. Therefore, with our commitment to you, more sales and increasing quantities equal to greater heights for ongoing collaboration between our organizations.

The potential is endless when you market your jewelry and accessories with your own retailer brand name. Make it your own! Custom Private Label Orders.

Call Us Today! We're Here to Help. Type your text and hit enter to search. Close Menu.As usual, we share the list first, and then we introduce them one by one. Tongshan Dashun Crystal Crafts Co. Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co. Casting House. Pom Peace of Mind. Ashiana London. If you do not know private label products examples, here is a post your really should check it out- 11 Private Label Products Examples Most Frequently Used Method We take fashion jewelry products as examples.

When it comes to jewelry, companies work closely with manufacturers to get customized jewelry with labels of their brand before selling them in their home market. Here we explore what private label is, why you ought to consider getting it and our top 10 private label costume jewelry manufactures that you can turn to in China, the USA, and the UK.

A private label costume jewelry manufacturer is a company that makes jewelry and allows companies purchasing the jewelry to brand it as their own. Those looking for such a partner to label their jewelry should work with a reputable company so that their designs are kept private to avoid knock-offs flooding any given market.

Working with a jewelry manufacturer that brands your product straight from the production time is a big time saver. It eliminates the process of having to ship the products to a company that exclusively do private labels. Taking this approach equally shortens the time the jewelry takes from the manufacturer to your online store or shelves at a physical store. Ordering ready-made goods is a lot easier.

If you have done market research in your country, you can tell what jewelry is available and can thus introduce something different. Thus far we have established that working with a private label company saves you time and energy. That means when you are receiving your inventory, all that is left is to sell. The entire process makes it a better business model where you eliminate unnecessary players and only work with one company directly to meet your needs.

Before reading this list, I really hope you read this topic. This topic is very very important if you want to choose the right private label costume jewelry manufacturers for your business.

private label jewelry manufacturers

SOQ is by far the most well-known company when it comes to jewelry manufacturing and private labeling. They are located in Zhejiang, having being established in In these short years, SOQ has managed to set itself as an industry leader that those interested in fashion wholesaler manufacturing can turn to.

If you are looking to venture into pearls as well as precious and semi-precious metals, you may wish to partner with Zhangjiagang City Daking Jewellery.

Private Label Production

They have been operating for the past 20 years. The brand cultivates their pearls, and also designs and manufactures for export. They work countries in almost every continent on earth.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Our finished jewelry Private Label Collection includes exclusive engagement ringwedding bandand anniversary band styles. Our process ensures the highest-quality finished castings for precision diamond melee setting. Customers LOVE personalization! Create the perfect ring for every client with our customizable catalog designs:.

Every style is fully customizable, and most custom catalog CADs are emailed within 2 days. Ordering is easy online, via our client portal or through your dedicated job coordinator.

No minimum quantities. Most rings are available in platinum18k and 14k white, yellow, and rose gold, and palladium. Choose from:. We have a robust sample program that allows clients to stock our fully customizable catalog collection with minimal investment.

Our samples will look great in your showcases and your clients will love trying their rings before buying. Most sample engagement rings are set with 1. Ask us about suggested sample sets to boost sales right away! We have a long history of making exceptional jewelry for our clients to help them grow their businesses. Toll Free: CAST Local: Casting House.

Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Private Label Collection. Browse By. About Casting House We have a long history of making exceptional jewelry for our clients to help them grow their businesses. More About Us. Company Info Toll Free: Site Map Contact Us. All Rights Reserved.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Recently with the development in technology, most of the companies that are not able to produce their own products give their manufacturing rights to another company hence, as a result, the company will acquire their own products with the label and name provided by them, but the manufacturing is being done by another company.

This technology of manufacturing is called as private label Technology. The manufacturing is done by another company based upon contract and other than the manufacturing every other decision like from the design to the number of different kinds of the mixture that has to be done in the product will all be decided by the owner company.

The only requirement by the manufacturing company is to prepare the product and deliver it as per the instructions were given to them. This concept of private labeling is being followed by several companies in various departments like beauty products, food items, and other products including jewellery are being produced in this way, hence by increasing the production rights to everyone in this country.

This concept is also being followed in the department of jewellery. One of the famous private label jewellery manufacturers in India is Dhruvansh Creations who is famous for their private label jewellery wholesale production.

Silver Jewellery Manufacturer for Brands, Private Labels Jaipur India :: Essentials Jewelry Custom

Dhruvansh Creation is one of the leading private label jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur and in the whole country providing various private Jewellery for many companies and jewellery shop. We are one of the leading wholesale jewellery manufacturers in the country.

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Dhruvansh Creations provide a variety of private label jewellery designs for many companies all over the country as a wholesale dealer.

We manufacture one of the best quality jewellery designs and also excel in manufacturing both machine made and handcrafted private label jewellery.

Along with manufacturing several jewellery labels for our clients we also manufacture and provide customized designs for our customers. The customers are our first priority and serving them has been our chief aim for several years.

We produced specially designed customized jewellery as per our client request and provide them with the exact design they require along with perfect craftsmanship and originality. Being a private label manufacturer for many other jewellery shops we always note and closely watch the exact trend running in the current generation and we make sure to provide the best quality private label jewellery designs for our customers and clients.

Dhruvansh Creations manufactures specialized private label earrings for various online companies and much other jewellery all over the country. With our specialized manufacturing unit and being a wholesale dealer of various gems, we provide the best designer earrings embedded with various forms of pure Jaipur stones and a wide range of Pave Diamonds. We are one of the leading private label manufacturers in fashion jewellery with various metals like silver, brass, copper and gold.

We also provide specialized custom designed earrings for our customer than per their requirements. Being one of the major jewellery manufacturers in the country we keep up with the fashion trends and provide all types of earrings to cover all the people in the country.

Our private label fashion jewellery is famous all over the country in the world.

private label jewelry manufacturers

We have our very own team of designers who excel in introducing great designs along with perfect handcraft jewellery makers to execute that design in a perfect way, which is one of the main reason we have gained the status of being a major private label gallery manufacturer in India.

Bracelet has become the fashion statement these days and wearing bracelets make people look more modernized and rich. Even though bangles have been on the trend for many years and they still do as a cultural identity but the trend of bracelets has swept over the whole Nation with their modern look and exotic designs which is a mixture of both modern and traditional. We also supply a wide range of private label bracelets to many companies mostly made up of metals like silver, and embedded with gemstones or pave diamonds.

People love wearing bracelets for both traditional and modern costumes and being one of the famous jewellery designers we provide the best bracelets that can be worn with any kind of costumes and sometimes we also produce specialized bracelets for some particular costumes based on the request of our customers. We also specialize in providing private label bridal jewellery sets especially the fashion jewellery sets that are most preferred by the brides.

Costume jewellery or fashion jewellery or imitation jewellery call them with whatever name they have but they are one of the best jewellery structure that is always on trend and these fashion jewellery keep adopting themselves according to the trend and the culture of the country.The perfect finishing touch after using.

Treated inner layer removes tarnish. Customize to fit your brand. Four specialized formulas, each expertly. The highest-quality and most customizable. True 45kHz ultrasonic cleaner includes.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Designed for ease of use, just press on. Includes two private-label jewelry cleaning. Choose from our stock options of. Read More. Making Millennials Take Notice.

private label jewelry manufacturers

You know that as a retailer you need to appeal to millennials…. The market for kits is ever-expanding. Bundling products is…. Contact Name:. Your Email:. Company Name:. Learn More. Our formularies are specially designed to keep your jewelry sparkling and shining. Choose the cleaning formulary best suited for your jewelry.

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Choose from our stock options of sophisticated coordinating packaging. Bundling products is… Read More. Why choose The Kingswood Company?

private label jewelry manufacturers

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Private Policy. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.We can work from your design ideas and concepts, sketches, inspiration images, or vintage samples.

Use our libraries of materials, parts, and vintage samples or browse our product lines for references. Our team can provide hand sketches, CAD drawings, and tech packs — anything you need to turn your ideas into reality.

We have an in-house team of sample makers for metal bench work, sewing, and assembly. Using our network of resources we can produce finished samples with quick turn times. The appropriate materials are found to suit each unique product and manufacturing methods.

Take advantage of our vast network of manufacturing capabilities for small-scale in-house production or large-scale overseas production, including our own studio, resources within the USA and worldwide. We strategize to consolidate materials and processes for quick lead times. Our methods for importing, inspecting, packing, ticketing, meticulous quality control, and shipping are all designed to save time, money and deliver high quality product.

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Set up meetings in our studio or yours to tap into the expertise we have to offer. We provide business, sourcing, production, design and technical consulting services. Based in the Flatiron district of NYC, Revello offers an atelier setting for the specialty and mass market. We are a collective of industry veterans, innovative designers, and progressive thinkers. Our approach is holistic and thoughtful with creativity being paramount.

We also boast strong production capabilities adhering to all corporate regulations, testing, and compliances. Our design studio hosts a handcrafted and curated parts library, complete with vintage archives and custom findings created by our metalsmith bench artisans.

We can execute confidently with a comprehensive, global sourcing matrix and unique quality-control infrastructure. Our creative team is passionate about trend and a global influence. Private label accessory design atelier based in NYC. Services for the specialty and mass market from concept to delivery, including product development, sample making, sourcing, production and consulting.

Product Development We can work from your design ideas and concepts, sketches, inspiration images, or vintage samples. Sample Making We have an in-house team of sample makers for metal bench work, sewing, and assembly. Production Take advantage of our vast network of manufacturing capabilities for small-scale in-house production or large-scale overseas production, including our own studio, resources within the USA and worldwide.

Consulting Set up meetings in our studio or yours to tap into the expertise we have to offer.

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If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.Our main principle that guides us on our everyday operations is Quality, On time Delivery, and Pricing.

Below you will find some of our customers comments. It cannot be denied that individuals, especially women love ornaments, and with the passage of time, their tastes have inclined towards trendy and stylish fashion jewelry. This is a particular type of jewelry that depicts a personal style or statement. Whether a young girl or older gal, most women show fondness and inclination to fashion jewelry. Since the demands for Custom Fashion Jewels increase, many Jewelry Manufacturer, and or Manufacturer of Jewelry, are now on the rise creating, Developing, and producing, fantastic collections of Custom Fashion Jewelry, which will soon be offered by brands and designers, to all individuals out there with fondness to these types of accessories.

10 Private Label Costume Jewelry Manufacturers(You Can Trust)

We look forward in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Wonderfully outlined, Fashion Jewelry exhibits such styles that are timeless. They hold a precious appeal and regardless of the possibility that generations have passed, these pieces will dependably hold an exceptional spot. The most stunning part about these jewelries is that, they are affordable, unique, and can be worn for various years. As a leading Jewelry Manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels puts every effort in every piece understanding and respecting the true value of craftsmanship, and pride as a Jewelry Manufacturer should.

Almost all types of Fashion Jewelry are made with work intensive strategies applications, so that even the slightest points of interest can be upgraded. As a leading Jewelry Manufacturer, A definitive finished product given to clients is truly tasteful and refined.

Such procedures have been being used since ancient period wherein people who used to wear just select things made by highly skilled workers.

Wearing Custom Fashion Jewelry, even a typical hometown young lady can resemble a real diva. These can be worn according to the latest trends to give a person totally new and captivating looks. Thank you for all the care and support. Highly recommend this manufacture. We highly recommend Custom Fashion Jewels. Our Production has been running better than ever. Very Happy. What we appreciate the most about this company is the fact that they manufacture for some of the larger Jewelry Brands in the marketplace, and give us the same attention as everyone else, considering we are a smaller line".

As Custom Fashion Jewels remains a leader in full package jewelry manufacturers in America, they provide clients customized programs catered specifically for the details requested by clients. Custom Fashion Jewels. WHY US?